Prof. Dr. Dr. Gernot Teichmann


Medical practice

The medical development of the last 20 years made it possible to perform procedures on an outpatient basis, which needed a longer inpatient stay in the times before. Our private clinic combines the advantages of office-bound surgery with those of a hospital. By these means you have to leave your private environment only for a short time. Many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. But whenever deemed better, we can treat You as an inpatient.

Our Philosophy

We are neither a company of limited liability, nor an affiliate of an incorporated company. Our guarantor for quality is the leading doctor with his reputation. This is similar to a high-level restaurant where the chief and head is preparing the meals himself.

We don´t offer the whole spectre of plastic surgery. Because we are highly specialized we just offer one operation:  Rhinoplasty. In every facet. No breast surgery, no liopsuction no nothing else. Only Rhinoplasty. We think, that´s enough, if you want to do it RIGHT.

Our patients get their custom-made, individual nose, fitting perfectly in their face; no operated look.

You can feel save and sound although we have extremely competitive fares. Because you don´t pay neither for designers furniture nor for marble...We are down to earth.

The relaxed and private atmosphere in our clinic is what we like as much as our patients. We, as a team, rate ourselves as unpretentious but highly professional.


dr teichmannProf. Dr. Dr. Gernot Teichmann, MD (USA)

  • Medical Studies abroad and nationally

  • post-graduate specialization in Francfort and Cologne (Germany) and Sao Paulo (Brasil)

  • 1986 US-American board ECFMG

  • Membership (EAFPS; DPGW; GÄCD; ERS and others)

  • Since 1996 Head of FaceClinic Teichmann

  • specialized in plastic surgery of the nose; Blepharoplasty and in sophisticated oral implantology

 (+49) 211.99 45 90 05

  Graf-Adolf-Str. 89 | 40210 Düsseldorf

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