Prof. Dr. Dr. Gernot Teichmann




Our experienced team cares for effectiveness during all procedures in the OR, so that our patients are not stressed with unnecessary time-losses. Depending on the preexistent anatomy, the nose can be treated in an open or closed manner. Modifications of the nostrils are in most cases done with open access, i.e. the cuts are in the visible field.


Post-op there is only mild pain.Lots of our patients get along not taking any analgesics at all. Mild hematoma occurs in about 1 out of 4 cases. Normally it subsides within two weeks.


The bony skeleton is not modified during every nose job, there are also pure tip-modifications. In those cases a plaster is necessary for a few days only. In the other cases (with bone-modifcation) the plaster will be left in place for about 8-12 days. After this time the patient is socially acceptable again. Meanwhile, at day 5 , the plaster should be renewed because of subsidence of swelling. In case of nasal breathing impairment, we will correct the problem in the same session. Nearly all nose-jobs are performed under general anaesthesia, which is done as a TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia).

Complications and their avoidance

The main topic is: Is the surgeon/clinic highly specialized in rhinoplasty? A very truthful phrase is this: Experience and cautiousness of the surgeon assure the avoidance of complications, but there is no guarantee.

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