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Drooping Lids

Drooping Lids

Drooping lids are not only unesthetic, also affected persons look prematurely aged. The diminished retraction-power of the skin is the reason. This is a physiological process. Often surgical correction is the only issue. Resection of the skin-excess; sometimes also of adipose and muscular tissue can help. Very fine sutures are used; the cut is situated in a natural crease and barely visible. The cutting lines are drafted preoperatively. Many patients are worried that their eyes cannot be closes after surgery. This sorrow is baseless  in the hands of a well-experienced surgeon.

After Blepharoplasty

After surgery  the area will be cooled with pads. Swelling is normal and will subside after a few days.

Most of the patients don´t feel any pain, well-being is generally not affected. The stiches will be removed a few days after surgery; Regular work can be done after a few days.

The patient is socially acceptable after two weeks; this is the time for the hematoma to resolve.

For about six weeks the area should be protected from strong sunlight; no sports for four weeks.

Who is suitable for surgery?

Prior to surgery we have a through interview and evaluation in our office in Düsseldorf. The expectations should be realistic. Requirement is good physical and psychological health. Conditions like so-called dry eye: You should refrain from surgery. Most of the patients are older than 35 but sometimes there are exceptions. As the outcome of blepharoplasty has a big impact on self-esteem it is comprehensible that this procedure is the most frequently performed in Europe. 

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