Prof. Dr. Dr. Gernot Teichmann

Nasal surgery

Nasal surgery

Nasal surgery in the Düsseldorf /Cologne area

The nose plays a dominant role in the human face. It may have a strong impact on self-esteem, if it is outside the norm.

Surgery is often asked for by the following conditions:

  • deviated nose
  • long nose
  • nasal hunp
  • ill-defined tip


  • Diminishing of nasal hump
  • columella modification
  • slimming of the nose
  • ectifying
  • modification of nostril size
  • new design of nasal tip

Rhinoplastic Procedure

Prior to every surgery a detailed analysis will be carried out.Founding on the results os tlhis analysis we plan the new shape with you.The measurements will find their way into the planning true to scale. By this we can assure that the desired result will be met.

Nasal breathing is also tested. In doubtful cases, a CT-scan will be performed.

There are many different kinds of correction with different duration. Lots of treatments may be performed on an outpatient basis, the others needing a short hospital-stay. Impaired nasal breathing can often be treated in the same session. Most of the treatments will be done under general anaesthesia. We exclusively use i.v. protocoles.

Surgery may take 1-3 hours. The cutting necessary will placed so that later nothing is visible to the naked eye.

After the surgery a nasal splint of plaster of Paris is designed. It may be taken off after 12 days (see also FAQ)

Longstanding experience in Rhinoplasty

In our Clinic rhinoplasty is performed at the latest state of the art-level. Conventional as well as new and innovative methods may be equally used for the best results. Minimizing trauma and the OR-time helps you reducing your personal off-time. Our philosophy is to deliver individual noses and not scaffold-like ones: Every nose is special in its face.

Pain after Rhinoplasty

After the send day post-op, pain is a rare condition. Before, it easily is controlled with pain-killers. Obliged to wear a Splint after Surgery? In general yes. For about 8-12 days. Exception: solely tip surgery was performed.


Never say never. There is no guaranty. But an experienced and skillful surgeon will help to minimize the risks. This is also valuable for the OR-team.

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