Prof. Dr. Dr. Gernot Teichmann

Short Resumee of Informations for Rhinoplasty

Short Resumee of Informations for Rhinoplasty

  1. drink or eat 6 hours prior to the operation.
  2. By the nature of general anesthesia it is mandatory that you will be accompanied by a trustee on your way home. Make sure to organize this in advance.
  3. Prior to surgery we need a blood-lab. You may have this done back home with your physician or in our office.
  4. You have to take an antibiotic before surgery. We will discuss this with you during the interview.
  5. You must not take any aspirin-like substances during the week precedent the surgery.
  6. Make sure you don´t wear nail-polish on the day of surgery
  7. A down-payment has to take place prior to rhinoplasty. Our friendly staff will give you further informations.
  8. If you have any mor questions, don´t hesitate to send us an email. Please be aware that this email-address is spambot-protected: You have to activate JavaScript.

 (+49) 211.99 45 90 05

  Graf-Adolf-Str. 89 | 40210 Düsseldorf

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